School day

School day - celebrated on the 1st of February in honour of our patroness St. Bridget of Ireland and to commemorate the founders of our alma mater. The Investiture ceremony of prefects of the ensuing year is also held on this day every year. This is the first much awaited event for the year.

Sports meet

The sports meet held every year is a long awaited event by all students. This involves the students in all four houses and the grade 1 and 2 students as well.

 Sinhala and Tamil new year celebrations

Held either in the month of April or May. This is a cultural event held in school where we as Sri Lankans follow the traditions and customs followed in our motherland by different ethnic groups. The traditional games are also played and the students come dressed in their national attire.

Closing of the month of May (31st May)

The month of May being devoted to our Blessed Mother, the Holy Rosary is recited by different classes throughout the month and is brought to an end with the crowning of Our Lady and a procession with the statue of Our Lady within the school premises.

Corpus Christi

Held in the month of June or July to honour the Sacred Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. A procession is held in the evening with the participation of the present and past students, teachers, parents and the religious.

Prize giving

Prize giving is held annually to encourage and motivate young Bridgeteens.

Children's Day

held on the 1st of October. A fun filled day for students. The importance of this day is explained to them and they are allowed to enjoy the rest of the day.

Teacher's Day

held on the 6th of October to pay tribute to our teachers.

First Holy Communion Services

Is an annual event found the primary school calendar of St. Bridget's. This much awaited day by the grade four students to receive Jesus in the their little hearts from the day they join grade 1 is fulfilled in grade 4 on this day. Many meaningful preparations are made by the students and class teachers from the beginning of the year in grade 4.


Remembering the dearly departed which is a part of our Catholic tradition. A mass is offered for all the souls in purgatory.


Christmas party and the beauty of sharing and caring is taught to the students.
The school year ends with a Christmas carol programme.