The importance of Primary Education is key to building a society and thus a nation and finally the  universe. Investing in human capital brings about powerful social changes.


Primary Education is a fundamental right in Sri Lanka. Every child should get quality education.   Therefore, the role of primary education is to ensure the broad based development of the child wholly. This means ensuring that all pupils are able to develop their cognitive, social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to the best of their abilities and preparing them to further their school career in their own vernacular language. Carrying out this task places demand on a school structure, principal, teachers and parents.


A further requirement for the good development of pupils is education that set challenging targets for  every pupil. And we should also remember that a child’s total development does not take place solely within the confines of a school environment.


Considering all the above facts we at St. Bridget’s primary focus as much as possible to the needs of  today’s child’s to make education easy and enjoyable and thus see that every student continues her education to reach her set goal.

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